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Custom Services

Chemist Choice helps you to streamline reliable, efficient delivery of premium-grade testing components at the velocity essential for success. Our quality products and solutions allow you to work smarter, enabling the community a safe and healthier world.

All of our custom standards meet the same strict quality control parameters as our stock standards and will also include a Certificate of Analysis.

Customized analytical standards are utilized in a variety of different instances with a variety of different methods. Requesting a custom standard that can be used directly as received provides an immediately traceable component for analytical work. This makes ISO documentation seamless. Ordering exact custom standards minimizes waste and improves efficiency in laboratories.

 Organic Standards

  • For environmental, food & beverage, petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications
  • Includes Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Composition
  • Certificate of Analysis provided if testing is requested

 Inorganic Standards

  • For AAS, ICP, and ion chromatography applications
  • Produced in an accredited laboratory, according to ISO/ IEN 17025 and ISO Guide 34
  • Printed Certificate according to ISO Guide 31

Customware & OEM

  • Chemist Choice has a well-established history of cooperation with instrument suppliers worldwide
  • We provide the supporting chemistry so you can deliver the complete package of instrumentation plus necessary reagents to your customers